Sunday, February 22, 2009

New T-Shirt Line Sample Designs "Remedy Couture" by K!NG

For the Fellas and Women Spring/Summer Collection

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Funky Met Fresh Fashion Show

This Was back in September check out the footage.....Pay attention Breeze and K!NG are the third and secon guys to walk out in a white T than a yellow T.....Listen to the FON

Drake-So Far Gone Mixtape

New Drake....Download

Day One "Welcome"

Welcome to "Makings of a Remedy" the blog site is for you crazy music heads and people who just love life out there. On this blog here we are promoting a new Artist by the name of K!NG, we will also be posting other important things and news in the industry such as videos, music, mixtapes ECT..... But more on K!NG and the title "Makings of A Remedy" this title explains it all its the begining of a new addiction or drug say so...... K!NG is the remedy for all listeners and viewers......His music, swag, persona, and thrash but calm delivery sets the tone for all other atrtist after him..... So right now the tablet is empty and the syringe has nothing in it but the injection is coming.... This is the "Makings of a Remedy".........