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Bread & Butter

"FreshMAN Year" Review

With his debut album King let’s the world know there is unsigned talent everywhere. His original personality sets him aside from other hip hop artist. Listening to this album made me become a fan. With songs like “Miss You” and “What Chu Got” King has his female fans wanting and needing more.
His lyrical skills are very real and inspiring; from his smash hit “Pride”
“I just call it how I see it, they calling me the best, so I’m Destin to be it”
This album shows how strong the music has been presented by him.
My personal favorite “So Long” King captured my undivided attention.
With vocal guest appearances by Aruny Rouge, Arun and Raymond James, these artists make a name for themselves.
King has many party tracks through out the album.
“Fast” & “Love em all” show that he has taken time to build good quality into his beats. It won’t be long before this talented artist is on top. A few of his tracks do sound similar to one another which makes us wonder is he a story we all heard before, or will he shut the game down. It is unknown what his next project will bring, but for now I understand why they call him… K!NG

                                                                         Written by
                                                                   Candice Vasquez

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